Don’t See it on the Menu?

We can still whip it up!

Here’s a list of archived menu items to choose from when placing your order

Player’s Choice Pizza

Bleu Cheese base with your choice of Hot, Med, or Mild sauce, diced turkey, diced chicken fingers, mozzarella cheese and crispy bacon bits

Cheesy Meatball Pizza

Red Sauce base, loaded with meatballs & topped with mozzarella and fontinella cheeses and oregano

Roast Beef Pizza

Our special, creamy horseradish base with sliced roast beef and swiss cheese


Specialty Pizzas

Premium Burgers & Specialty Sandwiches

Hot Roast Beef

Hot, Sliced Roast Beef piled on top of Horseradish, Lettuce & Tomato with Melted Yellow American on a Brioche Roll

Tuna Melt

Our homemade Tuna Fish with Yellow American cheese baked on a Brioche Roll